On 17 June 2021, UNESCO launched the Economic Impact Outlook on The Creative Industries, which was aimed at studying and identifying the impacts of COVID-19 on the Cultural and Creative Industries. According to UNESCO, the Cultural and Creative Industries have been among the hardest-hit sectors by COVID-19. The impact of the pandemic has been particularly felt in venue and site-based activities, such as theatre, live music, festivals, cinemas, and museums. Around the world, the livelihoods of artists and cultural workers have also been profoundly affected by lockdowns and physical distancing measures, exacerbating their already precarious conditions.

In response to UNESCO’s call for action via its International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development declaration in 2021, the International Center For Professional Development® (also known as ICPD®) was initiated and dedicated to helping professionals working globally in the Cultural and Creative Industries in compliance with the values of the UNESCO framework.

ICPD® believes in equal opportunity for everyone. Everyone should be given a fair opportunity for education and career advancement. Applicants shall be assessed based on their talents, skill sets, and competencies regardless of their societal status, race, national origin, gender, religion, and academic level.

The ICPD® helps training providers, professional bodies, academic institutions, and corporate organisations to raise the effectiveness of professionals working in the Cultural and Creative Industries through the promotion of CPD as a crucial and integral element of lifelong learning, keeping them relevant and up to date with the ever-changing trends, thus increasing their chances to better livelihoods.

In addition to the above-mentioned, ICPD® also functions as a non-governmental, independent, and international quality assurance, rating, and accreditation agency working to improve quality assurance standards of educational organisations all over the world.

The ICPD® offers accreditation and membership to qualified individual professional training providers, professional bodies, academic institutions, and corporate organisations. Join us today!

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UNESCO: What do we Mean by the Cultural and Creative Industries?