The ICPD® Culture Excellence Star Of The Year is the highest honour of recognition that is issued to the recipient (it can be an individual or an organisation) for the recipient’s incessant dedication and efforts that contributed to the promotion and development of the Cultural and Creative Industries that positively impacted society. The recognition is open to applications from the fields of Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Film & Television, Literary Arts, Popular Culture and Entertainment, Design, as well as Heritage and Lifestyle.

  • Performing Arts may include art forms such as music, dance, opera, theatre, and others.
  • Visual Arts may include art forms such as calligraphy, painting, ceramic, sculpture, etc.
  • Film & Television may include documentaries, short films, and others.
  • Literary Arts may include fiction, poetry, scripts, and others.
  • Popular Culture and Entertainment may include getai, fashion, and others.
  • Design may include visual, product, architectural and environmental design and others.
  • Arts fields may include the literary arts, performing arts, visual arts, film, and others.
  • Heritage and Lifestyle may include customs and traditions that are practised today such as food, martial arts, lion dance, dragon dance, dragon boat, traditional wayang kulit (puppet-shadow play), traditional crafts, and others.

Applicant Criteria


  • No restriction on an applicant’s age, gender, religion, or ethnicity.
  • All applicants must submit supporting documents with referees.


  • Must be legally-registered active corporations. Can be for-profit or non-profit entities.
  • All applicants must submit supporting documents with referees.

Application Steps

  1. Download the application form.
  2. Complete the application form. Submissions must be in either Chinese or English. Do not submit hand-written applications.
  3. Send the application form and all supporting documents to ICPD® via the ICPD® website.
  4. The ICPD® General Secretary will instruct you about your initial eligibility for this recognition. If the ICPD® General Secretary endorses your eligibility you will be required to pay the application fee.
  5. Once the application fee has been paid, your documents will be distributed among the Commission Members. It takes two to four weeks to get a response from the Commission Members.
  6. The ICPD® General Secretary will register the votes required for the conferment of the recognition.
  7. ICPD® will inform all applicants about the outcome of their applications. The Commission Members’ decision is final; there is no process to appeal the outcome. Please note there will be no refund of the application fee at this stage.
  8. Successful applicants will be informed to pay the required fees.
  9. After the required fees have been paid, successful applicants will each receive a Culture Excellence Star Of The Year trophy and a verifiable Culture Excellence Star Of The Year certificate. Successful applicants will be automatically listed on the ICPD® Global Database.

Assessment Criteria

The Commission Members panel will assess applicants via this rubric:

Dedication and Recognition in the Field - Tireless dedication to the practice of the chosen field. Exemplary influence and inspirational role model, a respected figure in the chosen field.

Cultural Promotion Efforts - Strong and wide promotional efforts (e.g. education, community involvement, etc.) in the chosen field. Effectiveness in promoting and enhancing the social standing and international influence of the chosen field. Facilitating greater awareness and deeper understanding of culture, heritage, and language.

Transmission of Tradition - Sustainable development of the chosen field through the transmission of tradition to young practitioners.

Innovation and Breakthrough - Fostering cultural exchanges and collaborations with other ethnic groups in the chosen field. Achieving breakthroughs in the chosen field, thereby moulding distinctive global cultures.