1. Any individual who has 5 years of professional working experience in their respective field under the Cultural and Creative Industries Support Initiative is qualified to apply for the accelerated diploma programme. 
  2. Application is open to all individuals working in the Cultural and Creative Industries. Everyone should be given a fair opportunity for education and career advancement. Applicants shall be assessed based on their talents, skill sets, and competencies regardless of their societal status, race, national origin, gender, religion, and academic level.
  3. Individuals who do not qualify for the accelerated diploma programme may apply for the full ICPD® diploma programme (on selected courses). I am keen, please tell me more.
  4. Individual may also consider signing up for ICPD® Accredited Online Courses.
  • ACR - Acrobatic Arts
  • ACT - Acting
  • COP - Chinese Opera
  • CFC - Chinese Face Changing
  • CND - Contemporary Dance
  • CNM - Contemporary Music
  • CNS - Contemporary Singing
  • CUD - Cultural Dance
  • CUS - Cultural Music
  • CUS - Cultural Singing
  • DRA - Drama
  • EMM - Emceeing
  • FIR - Fire Arts
  • MTS - Mongolian Throat-Singing
  • MUT - Musical Theatre
  • SRW - Screenwriting / Script Writing
  • STT - Storytelling
  • STN - Stunt Performing
  • WSL - Worship Leading
  • ARC - Architectural Art
  • CEA - Ceramic Art
  • CRF - Craft Making
  • DRW - Drawing
  • FLM - Filmmaking
  • GPH - Graphic Designing
  • PNT - Painting
  • PHO - Photographic Art
  • PRN - Printmaking
  • SCP - Sculpture Making
  • VID - Videography
  • MAS - Mastering
  • ARR - Music Arranging
  • SWT - Songwriting
  • MIX - Studio Mixing
  • REC - Studio Recording
  • ACO - Acoustic Designing
  • CSM - Church Sound Ministry
  • LOS - Location Sound Engineering
  • LSM - FOH & Stage Mixing
  • SSD - Sound System Designing
  • SLT - Stage Lighting Designing
  • SMG - Stage Managing
  • SPC - Stage Props & Costume Designing
  • BDCCI - Business Development in Cultural and Creative Industries
  • SDCCI - Scientific Development in Cultural and Creative Industries
  • CHP - Cultural & Heritage Preservation
  • CHP - Cultural & Heritage Preservation
  • CHP - Cultural & Heritage Preservation
  • CHP - Cultural & Heritage Preservation

Step 1: 

Choose one major that is most relevant to your professional working experience. However, the final decision on which major would be awarded is subject to ICPD® Council’s approval. Your actual diploma major will be based on your final assessment result and actual professional experience.

Step 2:

Prepare your Curriculum Vitae (CV), scanned copy of Student ID or Driver's Licence, as well as other supporting documents in PDF.

  1. CV - 1 PDF document;
  2. Scanned copy Student ID or Driver’s Licence - 1 PDF document;
  3. A digital (in .PNG or .JPEG) passport-sized (3.5 cm x 4.5 cm) photo of yourself (front facing with light-coloured background);
  4. Other supporting documents should be combined into 1 PDF document.

Step 3:

Prepare the following information (to be filled in during the submission process):

  1. Schools Attended - From First Grade/Primary to University. Please List Name of School, City & Country, Year(s) Attended, and Certificate/Diploma/Degree Earned;
  2. Working Experience - Describe your experience as a professional working in the Cultural and Creative Industry. Explain your job functions and the challenges you encountered at work and how you overcome them. Kindly state the name(s) of your employer(s), employer's contact, organisation name(s), years of working, and references to all your key projects.

Step 4:

Fill up and submit the above-mentioned requirements through the online Diploma Application. The Council will evaluate and approve your initial submission if you meet the criteria for applying to the accelerated diploma programme. If you do not meet the criteria, your initial submission will be declined, and you will be informed via email. You can contact us for advice.

Step 5:

Should your initial submission is accepted, you may now pay an application fee of SGD 350.00. Please note the application fee includes an assessment and administration fee and is non-refundable. You may pay via the ICPD® Application Fee Payment Link or use the QR code below:

ICPD® Application Fee

Step 6:

You will receive an email from ICPD® to set up a date for either an online or onsite assessment at the nearest ICPD® assessment center. You will need a 75% mark to pass. You will be granted 3 attempts within the allocated time frame. The Council may require you to take further assessments if and when necessary.

Step 7:

If you passed, you could now proceed with placing an order for your hardcopy diploma at a fee of SGD 980.00. This fee includes the registered mailing of your hardcopy diploma and the creation of your new registry in the ICPD® Global Database. You may pay via the ICPD® Diploma Order Payment Link or use the QR code below:

ICPD® Diploma Order

Step 8: 

If you fail, an ICPD® assessor may contact you to set up an appointment for a video interview and another date to retake your assessment. Please note you are only allowed to retake your reassessment once. You are granted 3 attempts on the retake assessment within the allocated time frame. If you fail, you will be required to wait for 6 months before reapplying. You do not need to pay another application fee of SGD 350.00.

Scholarship for ICPD® full educational and training programmes is available for qualified applicants. Not applicable to accelerated diploma programme. Talk to us.